TOKIWADAIRA RIM Renovation常盤平RIM リノベーション



This is a renovation project on the occasion of a change of ownership of a building complex for which no certificate of confirmation remains. The owner, who is also a bicycle racer, named the building 'RIM' in the initial stages of the project, with the hope that it would be a place that firmly supports the local area and its people, like 'RIM' (the name of the wheel of a bicycle).
TOKIWADAIRA, CHIBA Pref., where the project site is located, is an area with rich pedestrian space, crossed by rows of cherry blossom trees, selected as one of the '100 best roads in Japan', and rows of zelkova trees, selected as one of the '100 new Japanese roadside trees'. On the other hand, the existing building had a layout plan with a garden space at the rear, which is rarely seen recently.
The design concept was prepared to see if elements of this rich street environment could be incorporated into the characteristic existing building layout.

Specifically, the design was based on creating a communal space that is enjoyable to walk through, with surprised back-garden space that appears when you pass through the narrow entrance approach. In particular, as the existing back-garden had a slightly dark impression, we created a place where users of cafés and shops can take a break and hold events by creating an approach that is easy for people to enter. (tree-lined fence and stone tiles) High-luminosity corrugated plates makes brighten up back-garden and works as a handrail.
Functionally, a large eave is added at the top of the building to reduce rainfall in the corridor and to secure an appropriate rainwater drainage route, thereby improving the durability and convenience of the structure. The plan was also to replace the existing decaying handrail with steel columns between the layers, to ensure the strength of the handrail, while also rationalizing it as a large eaves structure.