F-HOUSE RenovationF邸改修工事


This project is the renovation of the ground floor of a over 40-year-old house.
The main requirements were to create an integrated, spacious LDK in line with recent lifestyles, and to prepare for future nursing care.
In terms of zoning, the entire south side of the ground floor is occupied by the integrated LDK, including the corridor, while the relatively closed spaces of the bedrooms and the water area are concentrated on the north side. Moreover, a circular flow line was secured through these spaces.
The spacious LDK on the south side of the house allows the children and their families, who occasionally come to visit, to gather in a relaxed atmosphere. The through-flow line between the bathroom and the toilet is the result of repeated discussions to shorten the flow line when the couple is alone and to make it easier to use in the future.
Joint design with KAFA.